Historical Residential Reports

Many of the homes and businesses on the French and Italian Riviera are rich in history.  Via Nissa can provide studies of your home or business which includes both archival and historical aspects.  Depending on its age (which we can also try to identify), we can determine the original owners of your home and what their biographies were, as well as complete written documentation : including titles, architectural history and changes over time, pictures, maps, newspaper articles as to the historical occupants and interesting events that may have happened in or near your property.   VIa Nissa can analyse the hand written histories through paleography and read and transcribe and translate documents whether in ancient French or Italian, Latin or Provençal.  We have examined residences which go back to the eleventh century as well as those from the early twentieth century.  Unlike the home’s title report, Via Nissa examines the archival records which go well beyond any recent title documentation.  A professionally prepared historical and archival reportscan increase significantly the resale value of your home as well as be used in judicial processes.   Many businesses are also interested in their history, whether for development of a book or a website.   A preliminary analysis must be performed before determining the cost of any historical analysis.