Archival research

Via Nissa is an independent research firm which provides specialized research in French governmental and other archives. We have broad expertise in historical research with our team of current and former archivists. We locate, analyze, and interpret historical source material for use in areas such as litigation, regulatory compliance, economic forecasting, and public relations. We serve as expert witnesses in areas of the law where historical knowledge is crucial.

Our research has also been used for genealogical and family history research, heritage educational consulting and many other matters. We work with all types of archival records including digital and paper-based documentation, images, and print as well as audio and video recordings. Whether you want to honor service and celebrate accomplishment, authenticate a brand, substantiate a message, examine your family history or just set the record straight, we help you tell your story with the explanatory power and emotional appeal that only history, your history can provide. We craft authorities histories and biographies tailored to virtually any audience or purpose, from distinguished books and articles published by the world’s leading academic and trade presses and business journals to lavishly illustrated books, booklets, and brochures. We use professional interviewing techniques and deep knowledge of business and institutional history to capture stories and anecdotes, dissenting opinions and roads not taken – together, a rich vein of insight from senior leaders into today’s challenges and opportunities.