Jewish Heritage and Kosher food and wine

Visit Jewish Heritage in Nice

Nice has one of the most remarkable Jewish heritage found anywhere in Europe, although it remains relatively unknown and only recently it has become discovered for Jewish tourism. With the exception of a few small villages near Avignon, Nice was one of the only areas in France where Jews could live after they were expelled, first from France in the fourteenth century, and later from Provence and the end of the fifteenth century. Unlike those villages which serve today as museums, Nice and the surrounding areas has an active Jewish life today.

During WWII, Nice was the last remaining refuge in Europe where Jews were free to practice their religion, find kosher food, speak Yiddish, and provide a sanctuary.

Via Nissa specializes in Jewish tourism and continues to do extensive archival research on the Jews of Nice and Provence. Visits to Jewish Nice are led by a Jewish medieval historian.