Travel Designers

Via Nissa curates unique and memorable experiences in the French and Italian Riviera that are extensions of our standard visits and are available only through the designer market.  Often consider the highlight of any trip, these curated adventures consist of a delicious homemade Provençal lunch or dinner held at a private home, together with invited guests whose inspiring stories and experiences allow your clients to meet and connect first-hand.  Invitees all have an intellectual character who can contribute to a conversation about European politics, art, philosophy, religion and any number of other subjects like the private salons of the French Riviera in the past.  These locals will engage and exchange with your clients in an intimate, safe and private environment.   For our guests, it is rarely the things that they buy, or monuments they see, but the people they meet, the deep thoughtful conversations and the experiences they have which are transformative.   

Via Nissa was launched as a travel company and inbound tour operator in 2017 by a Medieval historian, a French archivist and a linguist to fill a void in the South of France for memorable experiences beyond the generic or usual “guide-chauffer” tours of much-frequented towns on the Côte d’Azur.   While many visitors enjoy these kind of popular visits, we found them to be dull and very limiting in understanding the unknown life of another.  In some cases, it seemed that perhaps the only real connection one makes here is with their guide, the waiter or the hotel receptionist, often jaded by their own experiences working with foreign visitors and their opportunity to receive commissions from vendors. 

Via Nissa had an unusual background and capacity to use this experience.  While others read history, we actually write it and that allows us to create authentic experiences, not by finding other experts, but by being the experts.  We have unusual access to the business, government and academic worlds.  For example, we were the first to create Jewish Heritage tours in Nice, which meant we had to create the experience from archival and historical research.  This is the unique capability that Via Nissa provides.  We also have had decades of experience working with the highest net worth clients allowing you the comfort to know that you are working with a trusted partner.

Via Nissa can create a specific visit under any criteria.  Looking for an archeologist to take your clients through the Roman Ruins of Cimiez?  Do they want to visit the private and mysterious medieval Military and Religious Orders?  Do their children want to walk on the Old Roman roads or hike across the trails used by migrants from Italy to France for centuries, including recent African immigrants?  Do you have clients from anywhere in the world who want to know the impact of their country on Nice?   Our team of experts can create the experiences that your clients seek. 

These are bespoke private tours, customized for each client.