Via Nissa upcoming Schedule of Public Tours:

June 26 – Nice through English Eyes (in English and French)
June 27 – Nice through Italian Eyes (in Italian)
June 27 – Nice through American Eyes (in English and French)

The weekend of June 26th and 27th will feature visits of Nice and the historical links to the English, American or Italian communities and their history. These three hour walking visits are guided either by active historians or archivists and also provide an excellent overview of the city. The Côte d´Azur is certainly the most famous French region in the world and one of the most original in terms of the diversity of its history.

Our Nice through Italian Eyes is a unique visit. For nearly five centuries, the political destiny, the economic life, the artistic inspirations, the popular culture of the country of Nice have participated in the history of Italy. Its heritage reflects the multiple influences of transalpine culture which found its originality in French heritage. Located on the Mediterranean, where France and Italy meet, at the crossroads of Provence, Piedmont and Liguria, our city offers a contrasting, rich and original cultural identity.

Set off with Via Nissa to discover the traces of a thousand-year-old history and culture that make up the identity of the County of Nice.

July 3 – Nice Old Town (in English and French)

The visit of the Old Town is an in-depth look at Nice today and through the centuries. It provides a general overview of the city, how it became what it is today, and teaches its participants how to observe the hidden signs of a Medieval city.

July 11 – Jewish Nice (in English)

Jewish Nice examines the Jewish community in the Medieval period, where the first ghetto was imposed in 1391. It then moves forward to the Italian and German occupation during WWII, where Nice had been known as the last refuge in Europe. This is a very powerful and moving visit. We will be walking throughout the city and discussing little known history, people and places.

July 18 – Nice Old Town (in English and French)
July 25 – Nice through Russian Eyes (in French and Russian)

The cost of the visit is 50€ ttc per person, except Jewish Nice which cost 60€ per person.

All of the visits above and many more are available for private visits for 1-8 persons in a variety of languages.