Structured Visits

Via Nissa often has preset visits which we prepare, depending on the availability of experts or for a smaller group, we often open up the opportunity to others making the event possible. Too small a group might not allow us to provide the same kind of access a larger group can obtain, at a price point which remain reasonable. Hence, for Via Nissa, structured visits are complete visits which are set up by us and which you are invited to participate in depending on availability.

Here are a few examples of the tours we offer:

Nice through American eyes - This is a comprehensive introductory visit to Nice seen from the point of view of American history. It was the Americans who came to the region in the 1920s who introduced a summer season to Nice. While visiting the city, we will focus on Americans who were instrumental in its development and apply American history to Nice. We will visit both the new areas of Nice known by the aristocracy, and American capitalists as well as Vieux Nice, the home of the Niçois.

Nice through English eyes - This is a comprehensive introductory visit to Nice seen from the point of view of English history. It was in 1763 that Tobias Smollett, the Scottish novelist, visited Nice and wrote about it to his countrymen. This brought a surge of English to Nice and created the beginning of tourism. This visit will cover the story of Nice from the middle of the 18th century to present and will include neighborhoods such as Croix de Marbre, Vieux Nice and the Château.

Nice through Russian eyes - Nice was important in the Russian history and once was the abode of both the Tsar and Lenin at the same time. This visit will look at Russian history as it impacted the city of Nice.

Vieux Nice - This visit of Old Town of Nice is a deep penetration into the history of the Niçois, the historical inhabitants of the region. It is a highly cultural tour, where we learn about the history of the city from Place Masséna to Place Garibaldi, we learn to pick up the small cues on the streets and understand the eco culture of the Old City. This is a deep and penetrating three plus hour visit.

Ecclesiastical Nice - This visit will take you beyond locked doors to the Churches in Vieux Nice. We will examine Church history and its development in Nice, examine the baroque architecture in its various forms and how it changed over time. We visit several locations of cult, rarely open to visitors.

Roman Roads - The Roman Roads visit is to discover the Romans in the region of Nice and its neighboring Italian region Liguria. The visit begins at the Trophy of Augustus in La Turbie, a monument to Augustus and his victories over the indigenous troops. We then head towards the Italian border where we walk the ancient Roman Via Julia Augusta.

Bellet wine visits - Bellet is the wine region of Nice producing Red, White and Rose wine from a rare microclimate and unusual grapes. We visit both small family producers which provide insight into the wine production techniques to the region and larger vineyards. Wine tasting is part of the visit.

French and Italian Border - This visit examines the history of the French and Italian border as we make our way up the Valley of the Roya, crossing back and forth across the border. During this visit we will stop for lunch in a small Italian village to taste local food, we end our visit at the Chapel, Our Lady of the Fountains, which has been described as the Sistine Chapel of the Alps. This visit may include lectures by historians or conversations with locals who experienced changing nationalities at the end of the Second World War.

Jewish Heritage Tour of Nice - This walking visit is of Jewish Heritage in Nice which has a long and rich history in both the medieval period as well as during the Second World War. As a part of the County of Savoya, Jews were particularly impacted by the changing territorial borders. We will visit the Grand Synagogue, the underground areas of the medieval Jewish ghetto, the Jewish Cemetery, well known Jews in Nice historically as well as examine the contradictions between anti-semitism and the reality of the experience, both historically and today. You can read more about the Jewish Heritage Tour of Nice here.