Facebook photos

There is never a shortage on the pages of Facebook of pictures of people traveling. But when watching the content of those photos, it is surprising how few involve the locals. Most are pictures are of timeless scenarios, like the Eiffel Tower, or of the food that someone ate in a restaurant, or even empty streets. Yet it is easy to wonder if these photos resemble a trip which will become truly memorable. How much can we learn by visiting the places we have already seen in pictures? Is it just another box to check off on the “bucket list”? If traveling is about eating or seeing the eternal sights of the sightseer, then perhaps the photos make sense. Although it seems easy to imagine that the more memorable photos will be of those experiences where you didn’t see what you were looking for, but actually gained insights into the very different life of another.  Those are the trips we are likely to never forget. The ones that give us envy to travel, the Steve McCurry photo. Those photos are seen on Facebook much less often because those experiences are harder to access. Let Via Nissa introduce you to the life of the other.