Off-the-beaten-path – Lunch in the Vineyards

Continuing our series of “Off the Beaten Path” experiences on the Côte d’Azur, we introduce you to Lunch in the vineyards of Bellet. (Previous experiences are found on our blog).

One of our favorite experiences is to have lunch in a vineyard in the wine region of Nice, Bellet, cooked by the vignerons wife while sharing a discussion of wine, local food, the Niçois life, all the while surrounded by the grapes of the region. Not only is the environment splendid, with views of the valley from the snow capped Mercantour mountains in Italy to the Mediterranean Sea, but it is an authentic experience to share a meal with a local winemaker and to get to know a life unknown. For too many, even many of those who live full-time in the region, they don’t have an opportunity to enter into the life of the local people in an intimate environment, where the discussion ranges from the challenges of growing grapes and producing wine in France, to how the Niçois consider the situation in the world. The lunch is moderated by a member of the Via Nissa team.

The lunchtime meal is constantly changing depending on the season, perhaps even the availability of ingredients that week. At harvest time, normally in September, part of the meal can be cooked in the freshly harvested grape leaves. Whatever the vegetables that are in season will be found on the plate. The olive oil comes straight from the olive trees on the property. The wine is often taken directly from the vats, before being bottled, as well as a variety of aged wines produced on the domaine. This is not an experience of a restaurant, as lunch in the vineyards is an experience of inviting friends over to the house. Whether you are just visiting the region, have visitors from out of the region or just want to experience an authentic Nice, lunch in the vineyards of Bellet is one of the most memorable experiences you can have. The experience is designed for 6 persons.