La Belle Époque

At Via Nissa, not only do we provide selected intellectual visits, but we also write a lot of history, mostly on homes in the French and Italian Rivieras.  Sometimes people think historical reports concern only really old houses, such as those that go back hundreds of years.  And yes, we do that kind of report as well; old Moulins or homes from the Feudal Age.  But we also write on homes built during the Belle Époque when the South of France played host to artists, dancers, film stars, musicians, conductors, intellectuals and the wealthy. Life on the Riviera, with its luxury hotels and rarefied, decadent lifestyle was captured by F Scott Fitzgerald in Tender is the Night , his interpretation of the “Lost Generation”.   These reports can increase the value of your home, provide you with a real understanding of the people who came before and they can also make an excellent gift for the friend “who has everything”.