Lou Camin dei Anglès – Promenade des Anglais

It was called “Lou Camin dei Anglès”.

In 1822, reverend Lewis Way, put a group together to raise money to level the land, at the edge of the Paillon River where the Casino Ruhl and Meyerbeer street are today and built a place to stroll by the sea. Twenty years later, a culvert or pipe on the mouth of the Paillon River was built and the path was opened towards the Baumettes neighborhood, between the sea and the mansions and parks overlooking the rue de France. The Promenade des Anglais was born. Was it only for the British? Not at all, because at that time, almost all foreigners according to Alexandre Dumas in 1835, unless they had something distinctive such as an unusual hair color or beards, looked alike to the Niçois and they called them all Anglais… But that is a story for another day.