The Visit of the Cathedrals of Nice

A visit led by the Diocese of Nice who holds the key. By knowing the right people, Via Nissa provides access otherwise unavailable.

Via Nissa recently visited the Cathedrals of Nice.  This special visit was conducted in coordination with the Diocese of Nice and our group was given special access into churches presently closed to the public as well as areas of the churches and cathedrals which are not open to the public. 

The visit began at the archeological site of the first Cathedral in Nice, Sainte Marie
Although the Church of Gesù is closed due to Covid19, we were able to enter the Church.
The Group was able to enter areas normally closed to the public.
Private visit of the first Baroque and Jesuit church in Nice from the 17th century
Inside the Church of Gesù – Behind the scenes
This is the principle Cathedrale of Nice, Sainte Reparate, located in the heart of the Old City.
Sainte Reparate is above the Cathedral doorway.
View of the Church collection and Relics
Behind the scenes inside the Cathedrale Sainte Reparate
The presentation was conducted by the Diocese of Nice.
Inside the sacristy of the Cathedral
Part of the Cathedral’s precious item collection
The Bishop’s Salon
Examining the Cathedrals collection from the 18th century.
Heading into the Bishop’s personal residence
In the Bishop’s residential quarters
Rooftop Terrace of the Cathedral Saint Reparate

Photo Credit: Robert Flores, Mary Lynn Dwyer