Our first post lockdown visit

As the leader of the visit spoke, participants could listen through their telephones in either English or French.

Today Via Nissa was back on the streets of Vieux Nice (the Old City) for the first visit experience in the city post-lockdown. The experience was unique in several ways. First, we had to follow the social distancing protocols, keeping a certain distance apart, wearing masks, keeping the number of participants under 10, requiring each participant to prove that they lived within 100 kilometers of Nice. This also required that we use new technology to allow for hearing the speaker and the translator, as wearing mask certainly muffles the sound. Second, the visit was much deeper and sophisticated as all of the participants already knew the city but were hungry to know much more of their own city. We call these experiences “local visits”. Based on today’s experience, and assuming next week goes well, we will continue these visits open to the public throughout the summer. As the group passed through the streets, the merchants applauded the return of visitors to the city. Photographer: Robert Flores