Visit to Grasse and the Lavender fields of Provence

While it doesn’t bloom until next June, the lavender fields are always popular for visitors to the Côte d’Azur and Via Nissa is pleased that our visits to the Lavender fields as well as to Grasse, the Perfume Capital of the World and now a UNESCO World Heritage for immaterial patrimony in the know-how of perfume production will be led by Mathilde Cocoual, PhD in modern history, whose doctorate was written on the history of the perfume industry in Grasse. Mathilde is not only an expert in perfume, but she has the knowledge of Grasse and its history as well as a rolodex of addresses of whose who in the perfume industry. Mathilde can also customize a visit for multiple days for those whose interest in perfume extends beyond the short time normally allocated to Grasse. Join Via Nissa and Mathilde on a visit to Grasse or the Lavender fields.

Mathilde Cocoual will be leading excursions for Via Nissa into the perfume regions. Bilingual in French and English, Matilde earned her doctorate in analyzing the history of the perfume industry in Grasse.