Niche Heritage and Cultural Tourism

At Via Nissa, we concentrate the bulk of our non-research efforts on what we might call small-scale specialty tourism or niche heritage and cultural tourism.  Our focus on minority groups, such as Jewish history which has become our most frequently requested visit lately, such to the point that we are expanding to Jewish Marseille and eventually into the Jewish Piedmont region of Italy, both areas rich and undiscovered.  But in our multicultural region, we also demonstrate other niche areas, such as nationality groups which have made their mark on the landscape and importantly contributed to the regions identity, such as Americans, English and Russians.  If you have visitors to the region interested in any particular culture, whether they are interested in their nationality and its impact locally, or simply wish to delve deeply into the local culture, Via Nissa is here to help.  We list some suggestions for standard tours on our website, but the list of visits we have given over the years is many times larger. 

Our premium “luxury travel” excursions are focused on “experiences that bring value to your life.”  These Intense Cultural Experiences are full-day or multi-day and bring you up close and personal, not only with sights to see, but the people to meet and exchange with.  For example, if we do a wine visit to the Bellet wine region of Nice, we join the local vigneron and their family for a private homemade lunch at their home.  This is made possible because of our in-depth local knowledge and relationships to design experiences around your unique interests.  It is what allows for an exchange and a more meaningful and authentic experience which is not easily forgotten.  And it’s not something that you can find elsewhere.